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 Mike Ireland-Natural Psychic-Clairvoyant-Medium

Psychic Readings-Spiritualist Church Services 

Reiki Master-Teacher & Shaman Healer


welcome to my website, here you can keep upto date with my events,

To book an 

and find out more about what I do as a Clairvoyant Medium,

 which I wish to share with everyone who wishes to come to my psychic events.

 Prices vary from £5 to £10 entrance fee depending on the hire of the room


 so that people can see for themselves  and then decide if they wish to book a reading with me 


i go directly to the person who the message is for i try to give as many messages as i can in an evening

my demonstrations of mediumship start around 7 30 pm and finish about 11 pm  


I have been working Spiritualist Churches & Psychic Centres over 30 years now



All over the north west of England Scotland, Wales, Ireland, & Isle of Man


I have worked with some of most respected mediums




I also do Reiki 


Home Visits Available


To book an appointment telephone or text mike on 0759 1243 774


All Readings are £25 per Reading & are Recorded on CD


I am also looking for new places to work either Psychic Centres or Spiritualist Churches


I also do Charity evenings to help raise funds for good causes


Reiki Healing and all types of healing are 15 Pounds per session


If you would like to book me to do a Clairvoyant service at your church or psychic centre or charity Evening 

then e/mail  or telephone me


Mobile  0759 124 3774/ e/mail




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