Stress Management


Stress is one of the biggest killers around it can course anger rage and serious health problems. It can also prevent us from achieving our goals in life. Stress does not just cause physical problems it can also effect the mind. Which can lead to all sorts of problems such as a nervous breakdown and not being able to cope with every day life the simple things in life like going to work or doing the shopping, housework seeing to the children. 



Are you having problems with any of the following 

( Fears, Phobias, Grief, Shame, Stress, Anger, Nightmares, Depression, Obsessions, Emotional Problems, Addictive-Cravings, Traumatic Memories, Insomnia, )




I run stress management group classes and one to one counseling sessions at peoples places of work, or in there own homes For this service there is a fee depending on the size of the work force or if it is a one one situation  



Through the style and type of  stress management course's that I run. I can show individuals how it is possible to achieve a higher level of concentration, to work in a group environment, to achieve a better environment in which each department is run. Improving assertiveness  decision making to be more positive about yourself and your job.




Part of the treatment is learning  how to relax the mind and body also the balancing & lining up of the three bodies ( the physical mental & spiritual or inner child ). Balancing and cleansing the chakras, Clearing negative energies and bringing the energy levels up to par. Clearing the emotions, 



Healing includes Tibetan Reiki healing, Psychic Surgery,  Crystal & Stone healing,  Absent & Distant Healing. Animal Healing, Counseling.



I can also help people with emotional problems, I can teach you how to deal with your own emotions. How to set yourself  free and work with your emotions and your phobias and fears. I will also teach you how to release your emotions through meditation



 Absent - Distant Healing

 To receive this type of healing



  send a photograph by e/mail of the person or animal requiring healing


Further information can be obtained by contacting us.Please inform me if you do not want the persons name to be included on the healing list page.





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