The Way Of The Shaman



True shamans from all cultures all over our world respect all that lives on and in our mother earth and all the elements around us. We never turn anyone or anybody away. We never ask questions of you, we never ask for anything in return. Only that you use the knowledge for the good of all living things.


Our work is to give love, help, and understanding, to heal all who come to us, to bring peace and understanding into peoples lives, to pass on the knowledge to those who are willing to listen and learn. It is a hard path to travel and is not everybody's cup of tea. Your learning path will take you through many different dimensions.


What do we mean by different dimensions? We have all heard of the spirit world. Then there are the earth spirits. There are many different types of earth spirits. There are the ones who live on the ground and those who live below ground. Also the tree spirits, and the healing that comes from the mother-earth, herself. The shamans also work with animal spirits to heal.


Then there is healing from the elements which are all around us. To do this kind of healing the shamans would go into an altered state of mind. In other words, they would be in two or more different dimensions at the same time using their sacred circle where the energy of the elements is much greater.


Shamans would also have their own sacred places here on earth. We are led to these sacred places on the earth plain by our friends in the other dimensions. This is where the shamans would call upon the great eternal spirit and all the great forces of good to help them with their work .


As shamans we do not just heal or teach. There is a lot more to our work than just this. There is no beginning or end to our days, because there is always somebody who needs our help from many different parts of the world. When we sleep we are gathering knowledge from our friends in the other dimensions through dream visions.


Shamans live in two worlds at the same time. By this we mean that we are constantly living in a different dimension, yet our body is in this dimension. To explain this is not easy. In simple terms it means we have found a way of separating the spirit and the subconscious side of our mind from the human body and the conscious side of our mind. Our spirit is as free as the wind and can travel to many places.


We have found a way to release ourselves and are not trapped in our human bodies. We are not special people. We are just ordinary people just like you. We have no special gifts. We do nothing. We are but a tool for the other dimensions. They work with us to help those who are in trouble or need here on the earth plain and in the spirit world itself.


Some parts of our work is to heal people and animals. We can never promise a cure but the results we have had are good. Our work also involves removing curses that have been placed on people. We also send healing to the earth and all that live and grow on her. This is just a small part of the shamans work.


For many moons shamans from all cultures and many lands have been called upon to lift curses, bad omens and negative energies away from people, animals and buildings. As a shaman I have helped many people in this way. This can help in the work place and the home. Also we have been asked to bless new buildings and business


Shamans play an important part in the old ways of life in general. The history of shaman practices is long, dating back to the beginning of time and such practices still exists today. Shamans, both male and female, in the past enjoyed high social status. Shamans the majority of whom are female no longer command such positions. Shamans, in general, have been regarded as the mediums who have the ability of seeing spirits and directly communicating with them.


Shamans are very spiritual people who willingly give themselves to spirit. The inspiration is said to come suddenly to any person at any time during one's life time. A true shaman can foretell future events reliably, cure diseases, purge evil spirits and propitiate deities for blessings.


Evidence of Shaman activities have been found in Stone Age cave drawings, excavations of burial sites and so on. We are all descended from Shaman cultures. shamanism is a path of understanding our world and our part in it, a way of living as part of Nature and the Earth rather than on it. All things to a Shaman are living entities as they have the life force in them. The Shaman makes contact with these entities to learn more about there own nature, or of a situation or of another's health and together with the Shaman's Spirit Teachers and Helpers, enable a person to engage actively in their own healing process to find their own path to wholeness and health.

A Shaman blends ancient wisdom with contemporary wisdom, enabling people to discover themselves and to "remember things they didn't realise they knew". Shaman Healing is useful for helping to heal the inner child and emotional wounds. It can help during life crises, relationship problems, physical illnesses, depression meditating is a good way to find the real you in one form or another by Shamans all over the world. meditating enables you to send your Spirit into the Spirit World and is a powerful way of meeting with Spirit finding answers to problems or to discover information and wisdom that can help your personal growth and understanding.


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