Oh great eternal spirit, we ask for a blessing of peace and harmony here in our world

We ask for guidance in our everyday life and the problems that surround us

We ask for our mother earth to be brought back to the glory she once was.


A prayer for peace in our war torn cities of this world, and also the starving, especially to the leaders of these cities who use the excuse of greed and religion as an excuse to kill, maim and starve other human beings


A prayer for our doctors and nurses especially those who work in our war torn cities, and with the starving, that they may be given the medical supplies that they need but also the strength and courage to see their jobs through to the end.


A prayer for the animal kingdom of this world both domestic and wild. May their suffering only come from nature and not man.


A prayer for those who are ill at this moment on the earth plain, whether they be ill in body or mind, may they receive the medical treatment they need, but also help from the spirit world itself


And now a special prayer for the children of this world, those who are here now and those who are yet to be born, may they see the light and change the way of man,


Great Eternal Spirit We ask all this in thy name






Father of all children and all living things, divine giver of  life, In this our prayer we ask thee to look down on us who have gathered here today, and grant us your blessing in our shamanic work.

We ask for peace and harmony in our world, also a greater understanding with our brothers and sisters of all nations,


We ask the divine spirit for healing to be sent from the spirit world, to all our brothers and sisters of this world whether they be ill in mind or body, also natural shaman healing for all creatures that roam our world.

We ask for healing to be brought to our mother earth and all that grows on her. We ask the divine spirit for healing for those people who have come here this day.


And now we ask for healing from the spirit world to be sent to the people and animals in our healing book.

Let the divine love and energy of the spirit world flow all around those who have gathered here today and let thy work and teachings begin.




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