The Way of the Natural Healer


These are some of the different types of healing that I practice & teach; Animal Healing, Psychic Surgery, Tibetan Reiki, Bach Flower Remedies, Crystal Healing, Stone Healing, Absent - Distant Healing, Counseling through Meditation, Emotional Therapy and Stress Management.

Tibetan Reiki & Bach Flower Remedies, for adults, children or animals who are highly strung, nervous, or have anxiety problems or suffer from bouts of depression.  We have found that this type of healing can be very helpful. This is not energy healing but a way of  balancing out the whole body.



When we talk about Natural Healing. We are talking about a natural way of bringing out the inner child that lives in all of us. Meditation plays a big part in helping us to find our true self and to learn about the chakras or energy wheels.  Meditation can also help us to communicate with our inner self  to learn about life and our purpose in this life. 


 Meditation and learning about the chakras or energy wheels can open up a whole new world for us.  It can also help us to understand the different types of work that Natural Healers do, for instance Animal Healing, Psychic Surgery, Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Absent - Distant Healing Philosophy, Clairvoyance, Automatic writing, Counseling, Emotional Therapy Healing and much more.



Now for the future, I would like to travel the world  doing the work that I love, which is helping people and animals through healing and teachings and also doing mediumship. I have appeared in City life ,



I am a registered working Medium ,Healer and Teacher and have worked in S.N.U. Churches, Christian Spiritualist Churches, Psychic Centers and Independent Churches in the U.K. and Isle of Man



  Natural Healing is the world's oldest healing and teaching tradition.  It is found in all cultures on Earth.Natural Healers work with animals and human spirits from the spirit world and our mother earth and all that live in and on her.



Our knowledge is open to all cultural backgrounds,

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