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But what about our sub-conscious mind? This part of our mind becomes active when we dream. People also say it is to do with our imagination or day dreams. But is this true?

Many cultures believe that the sub-conscious mind belongs to your soul or spirit, the side of us that lies dormant for years. We also use this part of our mind when we start to meditate. There are many different types of meditation.



How do we begin to meditate? There have been many different styles of meditation from many cultures over the centuries. Man has made many changes to the different styles of meditation. Some have been commercialized for money. It is like everything else in this world. Once something is changed and man can make a profit, it loses its value and is worthless.

Now we would like to teach you what we have learnt so that everybody who would like to learn can. So that you can help other people and all the creatures that live amongst us and all the trees and plants that grow on the mother earth.



The only kind of meditation that we teach comes from the teachers in the What do we mean by Natural teachings? Let us take a look at ourselves as individuals. We think of ourselves as human beings with a soul or spirit. We have a conscious and sub-conscious mind.

We know that our conscious mind belongs to the human side of us. It's the side of the mind we use in our daily life. Most people live on a material level making money and security for themselves and a better environment for their families. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best for you and the people you love.



But what about the spiritual side of our life , the spirit or soul that is within all of us, our true selves? It is the other side to our life which is part of us whether we believe in it or not.

How do we begin to bring this part of our life out and find our true selves? We do this by meditation, by looking inside ourselves


There are seven main ones but altogether there are one thousand. But all we are concerned with at the moment are the seven main ones.

These are located on the top part of our body. We need to get them working properly and we need to know exactly where they are situated and their names in plain English.



The position of the seven Chakras on the body










They all run in a straight line down the spine and are connected to the spine of these seven chakras. The main ones we need to work on first are the ( - plexus.....root..)

This is the way that the  spirits taught me to open and close my own chakras as a child.

Let us begin with the Crown Chakra It is situated on top of the head. The main function of this chakra is to draw energy from the mother earth so as to feed the spirit or soul.


To get the crown chakra working we first need to close our eyes. And with the sub-conscious side of our mind place a rose on top of the crown. Now we need to slightly open the rose. As we do this the crown chakra will open itself up, and the crown chakra will  begin to rotate.


Let us now take a look at the Root Chakra This chakra serves two purposes. First it gets rid of any used energy so that new energy can be drawn in through the crown, from the mother earth herself, so that new energy keeps flowing to feed the spirit. The second purpose of the root chakra is to earth us to the mother earth. Because if we are not earthed or this chakra is not working properly, then this can cause health problems. This goes for all of our chakras.





To begin with I want you to close your eyes, and with your sub-conscious side of your mind I want you to place a pulsating  yellow light at the tip of your spine. Once you have done, this then the three main chakra's are now working properly. And all of your chakra's will be rotating, and bringing in new energy. You should start to feel something inside yourself, a sort of change, but a very nice feeling.




The second stage is to imagine an orange pulsating light inside the solar-plexus. Now place a rose with your mind on the solar plexus. I want you now to imagine the rose opening slightly. You only open the rose on the solar-plexus when you are meditating. So when you finish meditating remember to close the rose.



Now let us move on to the Solar-Plexus Chakra. There are two stages to getting this chakra working. This is the main chakra wheel. It drives all the other chakras. So we need to get this chakra rotating in the right direction so that all the other chakras will also rotate in the right direction.

To do this we need to close our eyes, and with the sub-conscious side of our mind place a clock on the solar-plexus chakra. Facing outwards with a second finger on it, we now need to get the second finger moving slowly in a clockwise direction. By doing this all the other chakras will now start to rotate in the right direction.



Just one more thing to do. The  spirits taught me to place a bright light all around myself covering me from head to toe. You need to make sure it is there all the time. The easiest way to do this is to check it three times a day: first thing in the morning, at and just before you go to bed. The reason for this is so you do not pick other peoples emotions up. It has nothing to do with bad spirits like some people would have you believe.




The  spirits also taught me never to close the crown or root chakra's, because if you do then the flow of energy is cut off which will lead to emotional and health problems. This can also happen if our chakra's are not rotating in the right direction or if some of them are not rotating at all. If you have any questions then please write to us,



 As a child the  spirit teachers would take me through simple meditations. They would first take me to my tree in every meditation that we did.They would tell me to close my eyes and open my chakra's. Then I would go to the tree in my mind. You see everyone has a tree in their mind. It belongs to the spirit side of us. It lives in no man's land. It is our gateway to the other side, The spirit world.



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