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Natural healing is found in all cultures all over the world. This type of healing goes back many thousands of years. It is one of the oldest types of healing known to man. Along with Herbal Remedies, Spiritual Healing, Faith Healing, Tibetan Reiki.... Psychic surgery is totally different to normal  healing. The reason for this is because with this type of healing. We are working on a different conscious level within our own mind. In other words we are working on a higher level than we do with normal healing.


Most people who have undertaken this type of healing can see and remember most of what is happening to them at the time the surgery is taking place. They will feel a little sore for a few days after the surgery has been done. The reason for this is because It is like having a real operation with out being cut open. But you will begin to recover after the Psychic surgery has taken place




When a person or animal comes to me for Psychic surgery. I first of all talk to them and their family, to reassure them of what will take place. I need to know what medical treatment they have received for the condition, and any other health conditions that they have or have had in the past. After the consultation is complete, I will then scan the patient to find out how the situation is with the health condition, and to see if there are any other problems. If there are any other minor health problems we can try to sort these out first, before we start to begin the Psychic  surgery.




This is when the Psychic surgery begins. I will ask you to lie on the bed. Then I will send you into a relaxed state of mind. You will know everything that is going on around you. I will then place my hand near the area where Psychic surgery is to take place. You will feel no discomfort of any kind but you will be aware of what is taking place. I always advise people to bring a friend or family member with them. Each time they come for any Type of healing. The reason for this is after you have had healing your body chemistry is altered slightly, and you can feel light headed or dizzy for a while.

Psychic Surgery,





There are follow up sessions to make sure the surgery that has taken place is successful. Sometimes it takes more than one session, it depends on what the medical condition is. It is a wonderful feeling, something that you cannot explain properly with words, and we do not think anyone can explain how it really feels.




Psychic surgery on animals we use the same procedure, except that we do not necessarily have to lie them down on a bed. As long as the animal is lying down on the ground, that is sufficient. There have been occasions when with some animals I have not been able to get close enough to place my hand near the area where the Psychic healing is needed. But the surgery has been successful. This is also the reason why this type of healing can be performed by distant or absent healing anywhere in the world.




To do  Psychic surgery by distant or absent healing there are certain things that we need to do. Firstly, I will need a full size photograph of the person or animal. Secondly, what the medical condition is. Thirdly, also will the person who is having Psychic surgery let me know who they are .

The photograph and your fee for this type of healing must be sent by post. Once the healing has been successfully done the photograph will be returned to you.

You can never guarantee to cure, but over the many years we have been healing we have helped many people with different medical conditions.

Natural Healing For Animal's, Adults & Children

Animals, Insects, Mammals and all Creatures

Healing animals & mammals, is different because as the healer puts there hand close to the animal. It will move its body until the healers hand is at the place where the healing is needed. It is as if they have an instinct to do this. Once contact has made with the pet, we can then begin to find out what the problem is that is causing the illness.


When healing is being preformed on Insects & other types of Creatures we do not necessarily have to touch them. The healing can take place from the outside of the aquarium. The reason we can do the healing from outside the aquarium is the same way we do absent or distant healing.



With children there is no need to go on different parts of the body. You just need to put your hands on the shoulders or their head. The healing will then take place itself. We have found on occasions that children will not always keep still. this does not matter we can still do the healing that is necessary because we are working on a Natural Healing level with people and a energy from a different dimension. because it is healers from the other side who do the healing. They will do whatever is necessary.




The Natural way of healing is a different form of healing As a Natural healer we us the elements: Water, Fire, Wind, Trees, Stones, Crystals and the power of the mind and the spirit. It is a natural way of healing

Because we are healing the mind body and spirit at the same time. This will then bring in a balance within your own physical, mental and spiritual bodies. If one of these bodies is out of line then this can cause physical or emotional problems


The healing that comes from the other world is a strange sort of healing and it comes in many different forms and different ways. And we guess each healer from the other world works differently with each healer they work with here on the earth-plain. Because as healers we can only understand what is logical to us, and so they show us in a way that is easiest for us to understand. We feel this is the correct way to do healing









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