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   I have been a natural healer and clairvoyant medium for over 40 years.

Ever since I was a child I can remember seeing spirit.  The earliest recollection I have of seeing spirit was when I was 5 years of age.   I remember playing in the back garden with my sister Sandra when I saw a little boy and his grandmother walking towards us.  The boy introduced himself to us as being called John. We played with my toys for a while, he was 7 years old.  He did not say much to me but just smiled a lot. John came back many times to see me and still does to this day


Sandra and I have both been able to communicate with spirit from an early age.

Another time that my sister and I saw spirit, was when I was about 9 years old. The household had all gone to bed when I heard crying coming from the landing, at first I thought it was my sister Sandra, so I went out on to the landing.  As I looked down the stairs,  I could see the shape of a young girl, she was sobbing. At that moment my sister's bedroom door opened and she came and stood next to me, we both looked at the figure on the stairs.




We were both amazed at what we were seeing and my sister asked the child if she was all right.  As she asked, the figure just disappeared. This is when our lives changed.  We began to hear voices and started sensing things. We could tell when people were ill.  It was as if some strange force was showing us what was wrong with them.

We have both been helping people and animals in our own way for over 35 years. We have occasionally worked together but my sister's health is not good at the moment so she has decided to have a rest for a while.

I love the type of work I do, whether I am working in spiritual churches, psychic centers, healing, private sittings or teaching,  I would not change the work that I do for anything else. It is nice to heal some one and see them grow stronger in themselves.



Everything that I teach is from spirit, all the healing and clairvoyant readings and teachings that I do is through spirit.  They have taught and shown me so much over the years  so that I can help and change peoples lives for the better.

On my fathers side of the family, there where healers and mediums.  One of my fathers aunts was a healer I used to watch her as a child.  She was  the greatest influence in my life for the work that I do now. My aunt would involve me in the healing that she was doing,


Even as a child this did not feel strange to me it seemed very natural, I learnt a lot from my aunt over the years and owe her so much.  It was a very sad day when she passed to spirit but I know that she is still with me helping me in my work.  I never promise anything but will do all that is possible with the help of the spirit people to help cure people of the health problems that they have.



The health problems that I have helped people with include; emotional problems, Cancer, Speech problems, back problems, sports injuries, fears, nervous conditions,  Also many other conditions.  I have also help people to bring out there inner self or inner child.  I have also helped people to become stronger and more confident in themselves.  All types of healing £15 per session.




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