Tree of Life Meditation



This is a very old meditation dating back to the times of Atlantis it was taught to me by one of my spirit teachers. For this meditation you will need to make yourself comfortable, either by lying down on a bed or sitting in an armchair. The first thing that I would like you to do is take three deep breaths. Now close your eyes and make your way to your tree, once you get to the tree I would like you to just listen to the different sounds that you can hear for a few minutes.


You can hear the sound of a waterfall near by; I would like you to set off in the direction from where the sound of the waterfall is coming from. As you approach the waterfall you can see a large lake with trees and shrubs all around the edge of the lake. First of all I would like you to stand by the tree at the edge of the lake and just lean against the tree and close your eyes .You can hear the birds singing, you can feel the warm sun and the gentle breeze upon your face. The sound of the water moving against the embankment, You can smell the beautiful fragrances of the different types of shrubs and wild flowers. You can hear the sound of the wind blowing through the trees.



When you are ready I would like you to walk along the edge of the water and begin to feel the water under your feet. The water feels so refreshing as you make your way to the waterfall. You are feeling calmer and slightly relaxed it's as if you are in a daydream. When you get to the waterfall I would like you to stand under it and let the water run all over your body. You should start to feel strange as if you are being given new life energy. Please stay there for as long as you like and just let any negativity that is around you just wash away



Now for the last part of this basic meditation I would like you to begin to walk towards the center of the of the lake. As you walk further out into the lake the water will go over your head. Please do not worry about this because no harm can come to you. As you walk on the bottom of the lake you will see in front of you what appears to be a force field or barrier. The water on the other side of the barrier is quite rough this is because the area you are looking at is known as the sea emotions. Now all I want you to do is open your heart chakra, solar-plexus chakra and the sacral chakra. The emotions that live in these three chakra's will start to come out and be drawn to the other side of the barrier. You may feel slightly sick when you do this meditation for the first few times. But of all the people who have tried this basic type of meditation we have had good results.


Also we would be grateful if we could have some feedback, to see your opinion on these meditation and to tell us how you are getting on with the meditation and what is happening to you. And if you have any problems please tell us so that we may help you. All information received is strictly confidential we do not keep records all the people who come to us for what ever reason  do so because they have been recommended to us                               






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