Inner-Tree Meditation

Through meditation we can release the emotions which have lead us to where we are in our lives now. You see emotions live in our subconscious, because of all the things that have happened to us over the years. We have unknowingly stored them in the subconscious side of the mind. Now a lot of these emotional memories we will not remember because we are not in tune with the subconscious side of our mind. Please take your time with these steps. Do one every other day. There is no need to rush this meditation. Please do as I ask of you and this will work.




First we need to sit or lie down in a quiet place somewhere we can feel at ease making ourselves comfortable. Now close your eyes and begin to look inside your mind. You're looking for a tree that lives in the subconscious side of our mind or the imagination side of the mind as some people call it.





I want you to take a good look at your tree when you find it and do not worry if it has fallen over or appears to be dead. It does not matter at this stage because the tree represents you and your feelings and where you are at now in your life. It represents the way you are feeling inside yourself. And now you are going to make the changes that are needed to bring your tree back to life by dealing with your own emotions and releasing them safely because as the tree grows you will grow inwardly.



Now I want you to take a few steps back from your tree, and with your thoughts I would like you to say to your tree, I am going to sit down and lean my back against your trunk. When you lean against the tree you will feel a strange sensation inside yourself. It is like nothing you have felt before. It's a strange kind of emotional feeling. It's as if you and the tree are blending together becoming one.



All the emotional feelings that you have live deep inside your Solar Plexus, which is the area of your stomach, which is just above the belly button. Now as you sit with your back leaning against the tree. I want you to imagine that your belly button has opened slightly, like the shutter on a camera, and suddenly a black sticky liquid has started trickling out very slowly. Seeping into the earth it's self which in turn will feed your tree. And as your tree grows so will you and your confidence will begin to grow.


As your emotions begin to come out in this black liquid form you will begin to feel sickly as if your stomach is upset. Please do not worry about this. It just means it is working. It will take time for you to free yourself of the emotions that lie deep within you, because your solar Plexus will only release so many emotional feelings at any one time. If it allowed all the emotions to come out at once you would become very ill so it is a slow process.


Now we need to take this meditation a step further onto an advanced level. This time when you visit your tree, I want you to stand by the tree and have a good look around. You should see some kind of clearing. I would like you to begin walking in the direction of the clearing. There you will find a circle made of either stones, twigs or leafs. This is what's known as the sacred circle. You're

Sacred Circle
I want you to step into your sacred circle and sit on the mother earth in the lotus position. Now I would like you to imagine there are two golden snakes on either side of your chest coiled up on the inside of your body with their heads facing downwards. They slowly start to uncoil moving down your body towards your root chakra, which is located at the very tip of your spine.


When they get to the root chakra the heads of the two golden snakes come out either side of the spine and bite into the mother earth itself. They begin drawing energy up from the earth and into your body filling every square inch of your body with golden energy. By now you will feel as if you are elevating 3 or 4 inches off the ground. You will feel so light on the inside. After about five minutes you will begin to slowly float back down to the ground under your tree.


Once you have done this, bring the heads of the golden snakes back into your body. They will now begin to move into your solar plexus chakra area. Where they will begin to help clear any emotions that are still within you by feeding off them. I would like you to do this meditation two times a week only please. Meditation


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