Mike-Ireland Psychic Clairvoyant & Reiki Master

Your Letters.



*                               I would like to Thank You with all my heart for the healing you have gave me I feel a thouand times better

I was in that deep hole as you know


now I feel as I  have just about reached the top. I can,t remember when I felt like this last

 it may be a good 5 years ago. You are a wonderful person for your kindness what you passed on to me.

You gave me what nobody could buy me my life back.



*                               Dear Mike,


I would just like to thank you for the help and support you have offered to the Brunswick Youth Club

through your funding raising efforts, the money raised is greatly appreciated by all the staff and young at the club.


Once again, many thanks.


Regards Keith Lloyd Centre Manager Brunswick Youth Club





Dear Mike, I came to see you in October at your home, you said you would like me to come for another visit, to work on my emotions a little more.

When would it be conveinient to revisit you?

Also I have some good news, you said I would be moving aboard in the next 4 months, well.....I have had an offer on my flat & will be moving to the Isle of Man begining of Jan. (Fingers crossed it all goes through)

look forward to hearing from you.

kind regards Jennie



hi mike its nadine that saw you the other day. i would like to thank you so much for all your help i just cant believe something so simple has worked. i do feel a lot more better and am just taking my time on not trying to take on too much. i still have doing those two tasks you asked me to do as well. that same evenling when i came home i did feel a bit of aches and pains in my shoulders but the next day i woke up the pains where gone. so once again thank you so much. bless nadine


Dear Mike, I think you have helped my friend in Australia, I had a message from her today stating that she had just finished her chemo and had the results of a scan and the lesions on her kidney, spleen and liver had gone. She said the consultant was amazed and she herself was like a "stunned mullet". She said it is the first time in the last year that she has been told no hospital for 12 weeks. She has to go back for quarterly checks to ensure tumours are not developing. Thank you again, I do hope you are able to keep up your healing energies and provide a continued improvement.


Hiya Mike, I was fascinated to see your site because it is so unlike most reiki ones, in that it does not offer classes for hundreds of pounds to trade marked TM styles of teaching.  In fact it came over as someone who basically (in this modern day their are few and far between), cares? 


I do not know of anyone who teaches reiki apart from my last one, who is not in the profit game to some extent.  I gather from you the feeling you are not so, and see the barter part because basically you want to help and not to be rich quick.  I can see both sides, but feel we are all to quick to see cash, where then does the feeling and compassion go? My name is Barry, I am 42 this year. 

I was brought up in a village  My parents were pet crazy, and over my childhood I had gerbils, ferrets, chickens, geese, mice, hamsters, fish both tropical and cold water, budgies, finches, guinea pigs, rabbits and a few more. 


 I basically became an animal lover, and always wanted to be a vet.  As usual I did not shine with the grades and was forced to the pits but did not join and became a mundane factory worker.  After many years, I found reiki in 1999/2000, and began to enjoy the feeling I got from meditation and all reiki brings you.  I did reiki II last year, and begun to notice that when I pick up my sons guinea pigs, they often close their eyes and look half asleep even if only for a few minutes, they look in absolute bliss and so peaceful.


I had heard of reiki being distance and to the past, and also animals, yet I have never seen anyone who does it or such!  I think it is because most are in for the quick buck, and get to the so called master level to become quids in.  I am sure you know what I mean?  would be very interested if you could allow me to ask you how you find the differences, and what you find works?  I am obviously interested in this side, but like you not for sheer profit. 


 I have done few reiki sessions, all for basically nothing.  I cannot call myself a healer, I feel the term channeller is more apt to me because I have no special powers, I am like a plug between the source and the poorly individual.  I do not knock anyone who says they heal, I am just not comfortable with the term. 


I hope you can help and guide me, I know of no one who does this, and I feel I am at one with animals because I have been so close to the natural world all my life.  I read with fascination about your possible attempts to begin a book, how is it going?

I hope you find the time to reply, and we can become friends because I like your outlook to reiki.  I can see the doctoring behind Usui's theory on how he began to heal and charge and why, but for the response of one angry man who did not supposedly wish to be healed, we have this rolling band of payments, teachings

Nameste' Barry


Mike, I don't know what you have been doing for me lately, but I feel 10 times better!  My fatigue has lessened substantially, my head is clearing out, and I feel a lot more balanced.  I'm still dealing with my depression, but I want you to know that whatever you have done for me has helped a great deal. Thanks so much! I wait eagerly for your reading to arrive in the mail as I know your guidance will help me heal in the right direction. Thanks again for all of your selfless help.  I don't know what I would have done without you. Love, Sarah 

Dear Mike, I received your tape last Friday and was overwhelmed by the feelings of care and compassion that I felt in your voice.  You mentioned about me perhaps not liking some of the things you shared but actually it was quite the opposite - I totally agreed with everything you said and felt a true sense of caring guidance from  you and spirit, to me.


I cannot explain it but when I hear your voice it gives me a feeling of calm and balance and I feel that all will be well and that although I have never met you personally, I believe that I was led to you without doubt.  There are very few people that I get as sense of having a genuine interest in their work - but with you I know that your heart is truly in the what you do. I would like to ring you please (if you can recall me, and the message you sent, as I know how very busy it must be for you now),.


  I have been too nervous to ring you but I do not know why?. Every time I think of calling I worry that it might be a bad time for you, or I feel like I am about to take a driving test, you know, butterflies etc. (weird). Anyway - I cannot express properly the amount of gratitude I feel toward you for the help you are giving me - I feel very much at peace, and a lot of the turbulence I felt before


 I sent you a request for healing has gone - don't know if this is because of something you are doing or just me feeling more confident, but anyway - it is lovely beyond words to have the feeling of such a heavy burden lifted from me, and I thank you for being you and for helping people like me to move on. May every blessing come to you - and please let me know what would be a good time to phone you., and what day. Yours gratefully, Lynda


Dear Mike, I am mailing you with regard to the meditation that I found on your web site.  I feel it has been truly amazing in the way it has helped me to start connecting to higher spiritual awareness (cant think of any other ay to put it).  I am going to carry on doing the meditations - especially the one with the two snakes which I find particularly powerful although I cant really explain in words why. I mailed you a photo of me a few weeks back and am not sure if it went to the correct address as I have not heard back from you?  although that is not the reason I am mailing you now - the reason I mail you now is because the mediations have been a brilliant discovery in more ways than I can describe. thank you so much. Lynda


Hi Mike! So good to hear from you!  Your spirit never ceases to amaze me!  hear what you are saying about the ability coming from within our own spirits.  And I like what/how you said about leading vs teaching. When I was a "teacher" in the Chicago school system, I used to say that I didn't teach.  Rather, I helped my kids to believe in themselves and with so doing, they could then "blossom", develop.  


 I simply looked at  my role as a facilitator in the process of their growth. Oh Mike!  How rare you are!  Thank you for being true to the call of Spirit. Brute seems much happier since you did your healing.  It is as though his spirit has come alive again. Mike, how will we know if the cancer has ceased spreading?  Do we need to do surgery for this?  If so, when should this be done? The holistic vet who does chiropractic and acupuncture on Brute said he has a heart murmur. She recommended taking him to another vet who specializes in heart treatment.  Would you please share your thoughts on this with me. Thank you for your everlasting patience!  The check is long on its way to you.  Don't know how long it takes for mail to get from PA to U.K. Do hope all is well with you and yours!  My most heartfelt appreciation to you Mike! With love and thanksgiving Helen


Dear Mike, I am mailing you with regard to the meditation that I found on your web site.  I feel it has been truly amazing in the way it has helped me to start connecting to higher spiritual awareness (cant think of any other way to put it).  I am going to carry on doing the meditations - especially the one with the two snakes which I find particularly powerful although I cant really explain in words why. I mailed you a photo of me a few weeks back and am not sure if it went to the correct address as I have not heard back from you?  although that is not the reason I am mailing you now - the reason I mail you now is because the mediations have been a brilliant discovery in more ways than I can describe. Thank you so much. I was deeply saddened to hear of your recent family problems - I don't know the outcome but whatever has happened I hope that you found the strength you needed to cope with the situations that presented themselves. Lynda


Dear mike,  I hope you do not mind me writing.. you did a very long, comforting reading for me by tape, last July. I had financial problems and you so kindly did the tape for me,  free of charge. I have been in contact with you since then, to thank you, but I am not sure if you got my email. I am writing to you today to ask for your help once more. I can see from your website that you are a very busy man,  and if its not possible I will understand. I have just read some of your website, and saw that you accept a donation, I would willingly send this to you, if you have the time to do another reading for me, either by email or post. A lot of the things you told me, were extremely accurate, and have helped me a great deal. Unfortunately I am very unhappy with a certain part of my life, relationships to be precise, and would appreciate any guidance. Please get back to me, if you have time, as I said in my last email, it is rare to find someone who you can trust with spiritual matters, and I have recommended you to several people. Hope to hear from you soon, best wishes Lorraine.

Oh Mike! How great to hear from you and how wonderful to be here when your email arrived! Truly I can tell that you have done spiritual work for Brute.  His spirit is better and his whole essence is stronger.  Sometimes he even has his low growl again when he wants to communicate to me not to bother him any more with giving supplements or too many hugs or It is wonderful to hear that growl again  :)....


it's not mean, just means stop bugging me and that his spirit is back :)))    Prior to surgery and afterward, his spirit was so flat.  I didn't think he would ever have "life" within again. And then there was you and all that you do. Mike sometimes there simply are not adequate words to thank, to share the depths of appreciation that are felt.  How I feel about all that you have done for Brute and for us as a family is one of these times.  You have given hope where there was ever so little, and help where none seemed possible.  It is, I am confident, because of your walk and because of who you are,  that is, the integrity of you and your walk, that your work is so effective. Yes, I understand that we cannot always manifest the hoped-for changes, but sometimes Spirit World truly gives us mega help and near miracles occurs.  


When the time comes for Brute to go home, I will feel so much better about it because of this window of time you have made possible for him. Mike, would appreciate your thoughts .... the holistic vet feels that Brute should see a heart specialist because she feels he has two defective valves and therefore his heart races and pumps so much faster that it should.  Do you feel I should take Brute to a heart specialist? And, regarding the donation, Mike, well, your statement only reflects your integrity and depth of spirituality.  More will be sent as soon as I have it.  May not be as much, but more will be sent .....Thank you so very much for you and all your help Mike!  My deepest heartfelt appreciation to you and Spirit World Mike!!!

Love and thanks giving!!! Helen


Dear Mike, I have yesterday received your tape for Rod and I.  I have been in hospital for surgery to my nose and came home yesterday -  I listened to the tape again today, and really took in what was being said. Firstly I just could never find adequate words to truly express my thanks to you for doing this for me.  I did not expect you to fit in in as I could see from your web-site that you are probably very busy even without the events that have occurred in your family recently. You have a very kind and caring voice and approach and I felt as if I have somehow met you before at sometime - you seem familiar although I don't know why. I was totally captivated by everything you said and you were more than accurate in most of what you said - a few words from spirit that I did not instantly recognize regarding a lady already in spirit - I cannot recognize her right at this moment - but I guess it will come. I will drop the tape to Rodney tomorrow (Friday) as I have not been able to get out today - and anyway it was like a little precious jewel dropping through the door and I wanted to listen again and again before I pass it on. Thank you so much mike - thank you so very much - I feel the message you gave was very direct guidance to what will fall into place in future weeks and months and when Rod has listened I will call as you suggested as I would like to speak to you. I hope you are finding the strength to cope with the demands on you right now. God bless you and keep you. Lynda


hello Mike, thank you for you e-mail. yes, I go to your web site every chance that I get, I have been working on your meditations, I have read a lot on things like this and I have to say this is the best that I have ever seen. I am looking forward to your course. I have been reading some of the letters that people have sent to you and your reply. It lets me know that the problems that I have are so small. When people are hurting it means so much that they can get the right answers to their problems and its so terrible that they find it in the wrong places and the wrong people and that makes me so mad. I think you are so wonderful for the things that you do to help them. I know that they thank you, but I would like to say thank you for them from me.  It does my heart good to know that you are capable of helping them, and I hope you are blessed many times over for it. Mine I guess is not a problem, its a search. I had a near death experience five years ago and I want to know more. I have to tell you, from my experience that your account of after death is real.  its the most beautiful feeling that words on earth can't explain. there are parts that I can't remember, though, and I have to find out what happened to me during the time that I can't remember. not that I don't have earthly problems, I'm overloaded with them, but they aren't important now, just knowing is. this is what I am looking for. let me know more about your course when you know. thank you for your wonderful, valuable time. Janice.

My dear Gran passed into the spirit world on Sunday and I wonder if time must elapse
before I am able to contact her? Sarah

Hello Sarah I am sorry to hear about your loss, if your Gran passed naturally then the answer to your question is no your gran can come back and communicate to you straight away. while I am answering this question of yours I keep seeing the word Wednesday what happen on the Wednesday before your gran passed. I have a old man here he was about 5' 8" tall give or take a few inches. his hair was combed back and thinning on top. there is a birthday in the June month he is telling me and do not forget the September anniversary. hope this has answered your question and if I can be of further assistance please write to me hope to hear from you soon mike


Thank you for your kind e-mail. The man you speak of is my Granddad, the birthday in the June month is my Grans and My Mothers and Yes, there is a significant anniversary in September. Granddad told me when he got to heaven he would send me a postcard, I was only eleven when he passed into the spirit world but spoke to him in prayer one evening and said 'I haven't got your postcard yet'  In that moment, a postcard I'd had hanging on my wall, fell to the floor in front of me. It was wonderful! Nan died naturally but suffered a severe stroke twelve years ago, my mother cared for her 24/7 and is devastated by the loss, albeit a happy release.  The saddest thing is that my Gran lost the ability to communicate verbally as a result of the stroke and was also physically disabled.  I would love to know she is now fully able and very interested to solve the mystery of 'Wednesday'. Just one more thing, my mother was advised to give my Gran 'permission' to leave this world, which she did, albeit reluctantly. Within an hour, Gran passed and my mother was not present as she had hoped.  Can you explain this? Thank you for your response Mike, I was put in contact with you as I work for Storm Radio and I understand we are conducting an interview with you sometime next week.  Your words are very comforting to me and my family.  I can not thank you enough. Best Wishes Sarah


Hello Mike, I  received your tape on Tuesday.  I have started to do the things you have asked.  I am not sure though whether I am doing them properly. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to do the tape it is greatly appreciated. Thanks again Jean

Hi I just got back from my tournament and we did horrible. We lost once on Friday and once on Saturday which means that we are out of the competition. I on the other hand did extremely well. I was named M.V.P. of my game on Friday and I hit 6 out of 8 balls which means my batting average was .666. This is the highest batting average out of everyone on my team and I've only been on for 5 days. Thanx for everything and oh yeh. Tina is not a big subject at all in my life as we speak. With love-Alex.

Dear Mike thank you for answering the question I sent you David is still unsure of the outcome and feels he has nothing to look forward to  but at the moment he is very low and is on quite a lot of medication which is not really helping the way he thinks at the present time. I have a lot of faith in what you said and I am very grateful for you taking the time to help. I know you I could phone you but I am afraid I get rather tongue tied on the phone and seem to be able to explain myself better on paper. it was weird that you said to pick friends more carefully in future as it was a so called friend that caused David all this distress. well once again many thanks and I hope to hear from you in the future. best wishes Janice


Hello Mike, Thank you for the financial advice that you gave me from spirit. The advice was sound and I am now building up my business. Also it was so uncanny how you where right about my stocks and shares. I have put into practice what you have told me over the last 6 weeks and financially I am going from strength to strength. I have sent you a check in the post for your help and kindness thank you once again John & Jenny Smyth financial adviser London.


Hi Mike, Hope everything with you, Tina and life in general is well can't quite believe, looking at your last email, that I haven't been in touch for so many months now. I guess life, mainly work, has been rather frantic for a while. My head included. My studies have gone to ruin now, and I've arrived at another one of those cross roads, again..!! In fact I think I could do with a bit a calming influence and chat in general again. I have recently met a girl in Manchester, a friend only, who also studies Shamanism and just starting with healing. We haven't talked in depth about what it is she learns, a few aspects are different but the principals are identical. Also had some bad luck. I was attacked and robbed (or mugged) by three guys a couple of weeks ago. Full Balaclava's and screwdriver treatment. Unfortunately very bad timing on my part at 8:30pm, as they were using my garden as a cut through. Me being me, just happened to be arriving home alone, with two laptops. A mild scuffle and a fortunate police drive past later, I ended up slightly grazed, a mildly twisted neck, one laptop and a set of house/car keys down. So as you can imagine it's been a bit hectic sorting that all out. To be honest I think the mental/shock of the incident is worse than the actual confrontation, made slightly worse still with it happening on my own door step. So I've been advised to move house now. Of course if I'd changed flats back in October like you said, this would never have happened. But then life's full of what  if  and I've analyzed them far  too much so far. Oh and yes, I've been over to Germany, twice now. Also like you said.! What are your arrangements for classes and healing now.? I'd like to pay you a visit when ever possible. Best get back to the work. Talk to you later, Chris..

Dear Mike Hello! Thank you for asking about my family and my friend Mukhtar. We are all well. Mukhtar is also seemingly better. Since I had written to you, I had finally told him what I was trying to do to help him, but somehow he took offence and stopped seeing me. I visited his home a number of times, and only about a week ago he allowed me to meet him. His business is still in debts, but he has taken on a new project under one year financing, and still is under debt, but at least optimistic. His sister is better, but on medication. I still do not have any further information, because I think now he is a bit hesitant with me, and not as open as before. Thank you very much. Ali

Dear Mike I would first like to thank you for the great web page. I wanted to wait to email you until I tried the meditation, which has been difficult for me in other methods, but I would like to request your help with something.  I was told by someone that I have a curse on me, and I don't really know who talk to of this.  I would greatly appreciate some help on this, or reference on what I should do.  In the meantime, I will be working on the meditation.  Hope to hear from you, and best wishes.   Mollie

Hi mike hope you are well. Thank you for taking the time out to see David and for healing him. We will be coming back. I will also need healing especially for PMT as I have a terrible time each month suffering from it. It takes over my whole personality and life, I just seem, to feel angry all
the time. I have also handed in my notice for yesterday, and I do feel much better that I am leaving this company. I just hope I do well in the next job and I hope I am well liked. Anyway I will call you to arrange a suitable time to come and see you in the meantime, take care Kind Regards Kathy

Thank you for the suggested meditations in "shaman teachings." I've printedthem and am going to relay them to a friend in need. I placed you in my Favorites file to return to at a later date.  Dani


Hello Mike, I was impressed with your spirit doctors, thanks for your answer. Would you please send your phone number and address as I previously requested, as I would like to send a donation. What is the best time for me to phone you, I should like to speak with you. My Norwegian Elkhound "Elka should have been put down by the vet on Friday, but when he visited us on Friday, he could not believe is eyes Elka is getting better. We see the vet again next week will let you know how she gets on .Thank you Sheila


Dear Mike many thanks for the tape which I received today. I Have just listened to it twice. Although some of it is out of date due to my foolishness in not sending you my address, I found it fascinating. I received three weeks ago some flowers, out of the blue, from my daughter, on a Wednesday. On the tape you said I would receive some flowers either three weeks before or after receiving the tape, on a Wednesday. You mentioned the name Danny, who is my son, who hates to be called Danny and is also my husbands father in spirit. My son is a constant source of worry to me and maybe later on you can spread some light on that matter for me. My son is a constant source of worry to me and maybe later on you can spread some light on that matter for me. The lady in spirit you refer to is a great grandmother, who was one of the few relatives I have who actually cared for me, and her birthday is in April and she died in May. You gave me anniversaries for both those months. I realize that I need to visit her grave again as I have not for a long time, date you gave me 27th September does mean something to me. It has only been since Tuesday this week that I feel some small improvement in my life. I was offered a job yesterday and you said that my career and personal life would improve from the day I received your tape. I do not see me having a baby as both my children are grownup but I have felt that I would make better mother now or grandmother than I did. I would be interested to know more about that as I have felt that a child in our relationship would be a good thing, albeit looking after a grand child. I have a strong feeling too that things will improve by the spring, and had a feeling that we would come into some money and be able to move to the sea. maybe that is wishful thinking on my behalf. Thank you for my reading and I will keep you informed, oddly on Monday of this week I could see no hope and was ready to throw it all in and yet now I feel like the sky has parted a little and that there is hope. You have a very soothing voice and I am very impressed by your reading so far. Can you tell me when you think it would be advisable to have another reading? Best wishes for now Paula


Hi... just wandered into your site and tried this meditation It was real great. I feel so good now. When I started, I was a bit tense and had a few doubts about what was happening to me and all that kind of thing. As the meditation progressed, I could feel changes inside of me. The tightness in my stomach has vanished. I almost threw up imagining the black liquid part. Later, there was such tightness at the chest and then such RELIEF as the golden energy filled up. WOW!! Keep up the good work. "Emotions" was so touching...Thanks a lot for everything that you are. Sheela


Hello Mike , I hope you're both well. Mike: I want to let you know that I have not stopped thinking about the words in your tape. I often hear them in my head. As the year is progressing, I understand them more and more. You said I would be in the right place at the right time, and that is beginning to happen. Things are starting to move forward in my life, as you said, and I'm starting to get the help that I need, just as you said Thank-you so much for your generous and kind work. All the best to you both. Suzan


By the way- well-done on your reading. You said I'd take swimming lessons in March and swim by April. Indeed that's what happened! I've been practicing a lot, and my confidence is growing. I go alone to the deep end of the pool and can swim many lengths. I'm so happy about this. Best wishes, Malwina


Dear Mike I saw your web site and I am impressed by the academy and the work you do there. I also went through the healing list and I remembered about a message from my friend Ilea, about her boyfriend's dad having cancer, which I had forwarded to you. A few days after sending the message to you, I had received another message from her saying that on subsequent checkup, the doctors found no cancer cells and he is improving. Just thought I should let you know. Hemant


Hello Mike , Yes its been ages since we last exchanged emails. I think it was the Christmastime when we last communicated. Things are going well for me. Marriage is going beautifully and career is also on the upswing. Presently I am in the United States and will be here for the next two years. Smita is accompanying me during my tours. So we are going through new and exciting experiences everyday and getting to know each other better and better. Maria is also busy with her new job. She will be completing one year at her new job in May. She is engaged to her longtime boyfriend and they are getting married sometimes early next year. She is having a good time traveling with him. He lives in UK and they see each other 2-3 months in a year. So she is happy right now. Isn't life full of ups and downs. Just a year ago both of us were in a completely different state of mind and didn't know where to turn for help. You know better than us about life. So how are things going with you? Please keep communicating, it comforts to hear from you. Love, Hemant


Hi Mike , Thanks for the lovely virtual card, we hope you have a great Easter Holidays too. We are all well, and I am very sorry that we didn't write or call sooner, as I am on holiday at the moment and everything you said and all the dates you have given me are coming through in the best possible way and I have never been happier in my life. My mum and dad are also fine and we do hope to see you or speak to you soon. Kind regards Tanya and family


HI, Long time no talk. Do you think we could talk. I really could use some major help right now. I would even be willing to call you at a time convenient for you. I would really like to talk on the phone rather then doing an e-mail. I can send you some money for it. I haven't forgotten that you were so nice to me and my girls. I reached out to you and you helped me and that's not something that I will forget. I know that you have other things to do also. A lot has happened since we last spoke. Please get back to me as soon as you can. You have always been open and honest with me and I respect that about you so that is why I am relying on you again. You tell me the truth not what I want to hear. You have always been honorable with me. I appreciate that. Honesty is not something that you find much of these days. So thank you for being there for me when I needed you. Felesa


Dear Mike, I am writing on behalf of my sister who needs urgent help (I think, she has been told that she has a curse). Her life is in a real mess and I need to know whether you can help her over the phone or e-mail and how much do you charge? She lives in London. I await your reply. Many thanks Tanya.

Thank you for your kind message, we were thinking about coming to see you this Saturday 13th March, would you please advise what time will be convenient for you. My father feels better, but we really want to make sure that he is completely well, before we let him go back to Yugoslavia sometime in April. My sister also feels different person all together and we all thank you very much for everything you have done for us. We all look forward to meeting you on Saturday. Kind regards, Tanya


dear mike, I am not sure if you still remember me or not, that does not matter. I've tried to find your web-site, and the price that I owe you. Your new web-pages are really great. I am sure they can help people a great deal. Please keep them up. God bless you!. Yours sincerely Katharine


I have been looking at your web site for two days now and it is really great. I loved the poems especially. Makes you think when you are feeling down and not well that they are people out there who are in far more difficult circumstances than you are. I will see what I can do to get some money to you. I would also love to be able to visit your center but have taken down all the notes on Meditation and will let you know how I get along. I took my two little boys to a Clairvoyant here and apparently my elder son is very psychic. Reading your WebPages I came across the Meditation with the tree. I think he will like that idea and I might see if he is able to find his tree. He probably already knows exactly where it is and will look at me as if to say "Of course, I already know about all that"! Thanks for giving me a free view on meditation/healing/clairvoyance. Lorna


Dear Mike , I want to thank you so much for giving my uncle healing. He was suffering from a brain tumor . He fought so hard for 11 months. But on November 27th he lost his fight. He died in peace and I know wherever he is that he is happy and not suffering. Thank you and God Bless. I am so sorry that I haven't e-mailed in awhile. It's been a month and a half since he died and I think my life is back to normal. My aunt is a brave woman and I think she will be fine. I lost hope in everything when my uncle became sick but it is lovely people like you who have given my hope back.

Happy New Year Parakh


Mike, I have now received my reading, and it has bought me the feeling of peace and comfort that I thought would never arrive. I searched long and hard to find you, and I never doubted that you would be able to help, and you have, probably far more than you realize. The reading has been of great reassurance to me, that I am making the right decisions despite great confusions and trying circumstances. I also recognize many of those who were talking to you, particularly my grandparents whom I love dearly, who both died within three days of each other 18 months ago. I am so happy that they are doing well up there. My parents are helping me with those facts and people whom I am less familiar with, and we have already worked out quite a bit of the jigsaw. I would like to make a donation to your center so that you can carry on with your good work, and I shall be doing this in the near future. I cannot thank you enough for your help and your kindness to me. I very much admire what you do, and hope that perhaps in the future I will be able to help people too. I was reading with interest about your development classes Once again, thank you for your kind help...and also for the Christmas card, which was lovely...Love to you and Tina .....



your message was very inspiring to read ,and you were right bout so many things about my son just didn't really understand the bit about blueberries. none the less the message came at the right time ,it cheered me up for Christmas ,nothing else made me smile than that note did ,TA for the angel poem too .you both are very kind to think of me. love Brenda Happy New Year To You And Your Family God Bless


Hi Mike , I'm doing better. I am as healthy as I can be for eating the way I do. I never received a letter. I received your e-mails. I hope you received the payment I sent. I hope you had a Merry Christmas. Have a great New Year. Thank you for the healing you performed. Thank You, Christine


Dear Mike Thank-you so much for the tape! I am very pleased with it, and so grateful to you for doing it! I am in the process of writing it out and I am encouraged by it. I have a couple of small questions that I will ask you a little later (probably in January). I want you to know that I have been feeling somewhat better, so I believe the healing work you have done has helped. Thank-you again. What a wonderful gift you have! Take care of yourselves (you and Tina), and all the best again for Christmas and the New Year. Suzan


its too late to ring I think but I had to say thank you for the healing you sent with them for me during the night. I went to bed last night after 3days and nights of agony and got up this morning and no pain, no symptoms, no problems thank you for all that you did I'm cured and relieved of all pain and symptoms I was so grateful I spent most of the day at work absent distant circle healing as many people as I thought were asking for healing in the hope that they might get better too  thanks again.best wishes, Eric & Amanda..


Dear Mike on the -left side-where it says ABC news article. This is the illness you are working against with my son, Huck. Maybe you are doing even more than you realize for everyone that has this horrible illness.Please, don't stop! Many thanks, Cheramie


Hi Mike, I am Rita from Malta and I would like to thank you for the cassette that you have sent me. I received it today and I was very excited when I started to listen especially when you mentioned that there is a bakery where I live and an old woman sitting down always with her children and many other more. Although the two spirits that were talking to you I don't really know who they were but they told you many interesting things about me. My brother never believed in these things but when he heard your cassette he didn't want to believe what he was hearing so he decided to send you the money for his reading. Hope to hear from you and thanks for your help Rita from Malta


Dear Mike , I hope this email finds you both in good health! I am so amazed at your abilities. Your taped reading is proving very true. As you mentioned, we would be moving from Singapore, and we have moved to Thailand, you mentioned there was a reimbursement coming to my Father, Well he was made redundant, (and we felt doomed) however he received a better promotion with another firm, whom made our move to Thailand. We are all in good health and mentally starting to relax. You also mentioned a break up at a university, well my brother called his engagement off and came over to Singapore and has a great position with a firm in Indonesia. So things for my family are doing well, .I am so grateful though for there support, and Anabelle & I are safe and sheltered. You reading gave me immense strength also as it gave me a view beyond my situation and I thank you for that opportunity. I hope you do not mind me sending this email. My Knight in Shining amour as not arrived at my door yet, although I try to imagine a happy outcome for myself (an especially a good Kind Father figure for my Daughter.) So I will just wait and see? regards, as always,Rebekah Gould


Well hello there! I hope you both are doing fine. It has been quite a while since I have talk to you but I would first like to thank you very much for the reading you did for me. I'm sure by now you probably don't remember it but I do want you to know that it is amazingly accurate. Everything up until this date has come to pass. Which makes me excited and eager for the future. I will be sending you another picture with both myself and my boyfriend in it around the end of August and would like for you to do another reading for the both of us if you will. He doesn't believe in things like this and I have tried to explain to him how I can feel things. My spirit family told you that I was borderline of seeing, hearing or sensing them and that is true. I once started to study the paranormal for hopes on learning how to hear them. But they were talking to me the whole time, I just wasn't listening. Well I do now, thanks to your reading. Until then my friends, God Bless. Tina Allen


Hi - Thanks for your recent help, I'm feeling better. I will probably need to do a little more to make the healing more manifest, but do appreciate your meditation on my concern. Thanks, Anne-Marie


Just a big thank you mike and your spirit friends for the healing that Felix has received he is a lot better now


Dear mike , Would you believe within the last few days, I've gotten some relief and positive signs. I have also been taking some additional ameliorative measures. Thank you very sincerely for your efforts on my behalf. With love & light. Warren, U.S.A


Just to tell you that I am feeling fine since last few days and confident of making it. Love Hemant Dear Mike , Maria has got the job and its really wonderful that after all these months she can again start living happily. I just can't describe how I am feeling at the moment and how much thankful I am to you for your help and support. Its like a new life has begun. Both of us thank you from our hearts for what you have done for us. It has been like a miracle for us. Love Hemant


Dear Mike ,Thank you so much for the healing you have been sending to my son, .Also for the connection you have with someone named Howard (SP?).I concur with you that this is a hereditary ailment and am sure it could take a long time for healing. Before replying to you, I wanted to check with Alan whether he feels there has been a difference. He HAS noticed a decrease in the frequency of headaches. He also changed medicine at the exact time you received my letter. He is taking Zoloft for the chemical imbalance. The medicine and your healing is all a coincidence in timing as he knows nothing of your healing for him. Hopefully, they can both work together in harmony. Blessings to you for your special gift of healing, Dinah


Dear Mike , I hope this email finds you both in good health! I am so amazed at your abilities. Your taped reading is proving very true. As you mentioned, we would be moving from Singapore, and we have moved to Thailand, you mentioned there was a reimbursement coming to my Father, Well he was made redundant, (and we felt doomed) however he received a better promotion with another firm, whom made our move to Thailand. We are all in good health and mentally starting to relax. You also mentioned a break up at a university, well my brother called his engagement off and came over to Singapore and has a great position with a firm in Indonesia. So things for my family are doing well, .I am so grateful though for there support, and Anabelle & I are safe and sheltered. You reading gave me immense strength also as it gave me a view beyond my situation and I thank you for that opportunity


Dear Mike , It was really nice to hear from you again. It has meant such a lot to know that you were trying to help. We were all devastated when Grace died. We felt cheated because she was only 4 and we'd tried so hard to make her better. We buried her at the bottom of the garden, although it was upsetting, at least we have still got her near us. We have another rabbit, Esta, who was always with her and is now feeling very lonely. Esta is 2 and has been with Grace ever since we got her. We are trying to help her make friends with, Angel, the other rabbit who is 6 months old. It is nice to know that you care. We will keep in touch and let you know how Angel and Esta are doing. Love From  JENNY



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