• The Highway to Recovery


Through no fault of our own the situations that have happened in our life, through the people that have entered our life from birth, our emotions begin because we learn from the teachings that we receive from the people who we have been trusted to. 

We look up to these people to protect us and keep us from harm. We did not make these emotions that live within us. It just happened now they are stored within us and causing us much pain and misery. Our life is not going anywhere It is at a standstill and has been for a long time. How we wish for change, we need to sort our feelings out and find our true selves; and only then will our life begin to move forward and the changes enter our life. 


Through the emotions that have happened to us, we have built these emotional walls. It has caused blackness inside us, how we would like to break free and release ourselves from the darkness that we have made. We need to find the light switch so we can begin our journey through this emotional maze.


 But where is the light switch, and if we have built walls are there any doors? And if there are, will we find the keys to open these doors, and who has these keys? There seems to be so many obstacles in the way and we have not even started our journey back yet. 

Where do we start our journey to recovery so we can get through this turmoil of emotions? We have built a maze of emotional tunnels to protect ourselves. This is where we hide ourselves in our own little world. And this is the beginning; it is the first key of many. Are you ready to take that first step into the unknown, and use your second key? 


If you are, then let us begin our journey and let the changes begin so we can live again and find the happiness that has eluded us for so long. It seems like an eternity now. Because it has been denied us for so long, we know there is going to be a fight like we have never known before. This fight is within us because there are inner changes to make we will have to conquer our fears. We will need courage and the strength to see this fight through to the end. 


And yes, some people around us will not want us to change, because these people are the ones who made us what we are today. They took away our confidence and made us weak and frightened. But it is them that are frightened now because they know they can not push us around anymore. They are scared of what we might say and do. 


We are going to change and stand up for ourselves and do something with our lives, to build a better future for ourselves and the people who really love us for who we really are. And not what we have become. because these people know that deep down their lies a child waiting to come out. And they will be there to lend a helping hand and help us on the highway to recovery.



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