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I have a dear, childhood friend who moved to Australia about 12 years ago, she was diagnosed with microscopic cancer of the lung which has moved to her liver, kidney and spleen. She lives in  Perth and is on her second dose of chemo and 3rd lot of radiotherapy. She tries so hard to stay cheerful but she has just had a hickman line inserted due to her veins collapsing from the chemo, which she said was very painful, and is finding it difficult to move her head, the illness and constant hospital visits for chemotherapy are draining her energy and she is finding it difficult to carry on the fight. Please can you help her by saying healing prayers for


Mike could you please put me on the healing list, my dog mutty has black patches on him and his sister lily, can't afford vet fees at moment, I try all sorts on them and giving them regular  washes, lost one dog bessy she had allot black patches on, after I wormed her she got sick and died, do not wont lily or mutty to go.  also I have bad flu, and prone to burning eyeballs in strong light or sunny weather.  Susan

Thank you to dear friend Mike for the Healing Energy you sent to my brother Rui. Thanks to God and His wonderful servers, like you, everything went on perfectly for my brother cirurgy and his recovering. Now, everything is okay with him and he is doing his normal life. God bless you for all your generosity and Healing Service. I could not send you his photo as I was not at my house. I am still spending holidays till the 10th September. I would like you to put my father M�rio Severino Gomes, born the 9th may 1917, and living  in Lisbon Portugal, on your Healing Energy list, as I am concerned with some skin tached spots he has on his forehead and nose. He has had always a very
sensitive skin, and some years ago, he had a carcinoma - skin cancer spot - in his foot. He was operated and everything has been perfect since then. But some months ago he got a kind of old skin spot which do not look very nice, and we would prefer to see it disappear. I am sure that Our Father's Love and Light will heal and clear that, through you. Thank you once again for all your Unconditional Love and generosity.Yours sincerely, in the Love and Light of GOD.


Greetings Mike, We have some good news concerning our son Niraj�s health. His final radioactive glucose scan has confirmed that the cancer is in remission. In short, the doctors say he is a cured man! However, he does need to have regular check ups from now on. This is to thank you profusely for your most valued support and prayers during our trying time, without which only God knows how we would have managed! Once again, from the bottom of our hearts, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to  you. May the Lord bless you and yours with excellent health! Gratefully yours, Kamal and  Harish.

Dear Mike Please help Gwyneth Askham she is suffering from terminal cancer,

Thank you. D. Caster


Please pray for healing for me. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and  fibromyalgia. I also have a systolic heart murmur. I am sick most of the time. I would like prayers to ease my pain and give me strength. I am very fatigued most of the time please pray for me for some energy. And the courage to go on with these illnesses. Kind Regards God Bless Heather

Please send healing prayers for my female 8 1/2 year old Yellow Labrador Retriever dog Taffy who has a tumor in the left side of her mouth. Despite very good veterinary and holistic care, the tumor will not go away. My name is Sylvia and I am very upset over this.  We live in Washington, USA, I am sending photos of Taffy. Thank you very much.


Sir - I am seeking the aid of an experienced shaman to help remove the negative effect of bad spirits seemingly  dominating my life.  It seems the more I struggle with them, the stronger they get and the deeper the hole I am in becomes. I am willing to contribute to your efforts if you can be successful.  Can pictures be sent to you via e-mail? and what information would you request for background? Thanks in advance. Erik USA



Dear Mike I think I am in need of a healing. I feel like I have been hexed, like I am living in a maze. I feel like I am being chased through a maze. My higher self is either gone or hidden from me. There are four other people on my back. I would like a reading.  To see what is really going on. This is just my hunch, I don't know if this is going on or not.  Once my higher self was gone I did not know up from down and I still don't. I feel like I need to get out of the area I am in. I feel unsafe. Like someone is stabbing me in the back. Maybe it is just my family. Please write back to let me know what you can do for me.              



Dear Mike I have been given your name by a friend of mine. Another friend of mine, I suspect is in some trouble, maybe with evil spell/spirits or something else. I am not sure, but I suspect something wrong. Since the last year, he has been going down, in many things. His finances are very bad, he was/is in trouble because of the girl he wanted to marry, his sister is not mentally stable any more. His name is Mukhtar, his father's name His date of birth is December 4, 1965 and the time he says is about 10 A.M.
I am enclosing his picture. This is the only one I have in which he is
holding my daughter (he is unmarried). I will not be able to pay you any money for this, but I hope that you will be able to help me. Thank you. Ali


My mum's name is Mary Brightwell and she is suffering a chronic respiratory disease for which there is no relief...if she could be added to your healing list I'm sure the positive energy would offer her comfort. many thanks again Karen -x-

Hi all!... Hope everything's going well. I write with a request. Tony's (my boyfriends) dad George Fields has cancer and I would appreciate everyone's prayers. Thank You and God Bless Love You All, Ilea


Dear Mike and Tina, I request for you to do a healing on my eyes. I have a condition known as vitreous degeneration which leaves my eyes clouded with black spots twirling around. I would deeply appreciate your help. Thank you. Toni New York USA



Dear Mike and Tina, I am writing on behalf of my sister who needs urgent help (I think, she has been told that she has a curse). Her life is in a real mess and I need to know whether you can help her over the phone or e-mail and how much do you charge? She lives in London. I await your reply. Many thanks Tanya.



My dad was just diagnosed with brain cancer. The doctors are telling us we have only 3 to 4 weeks left with him. He is my step Dad but he is the perfect father to me. I love him so much and to see my mother in a form of denial hurts even more. Dad is telling her that their are people or this one guy that visits him and tells him he will be okay but their are also people who dad talks to that tell him that they are stopping him from getting any sicker. Please write us we live in MA. We don't know what to do. Please pray for us, Dad has me at 26. David 24, Craig 16. James 13, Matthew 11, Katarena 6 and my mom.



My dog Mosi is the most important thing in my life. He has helped me withstand some really enormous pressures and bad times in his life time and especially in the last two years. He has great intuition and an amazing sense of humour. He shows off terribly and that has been his problem. Last summer he began to have a very hang dog expression, and after some checks it was found that he had two vertebrae nearly touching. The vertebrae in question, just further than half way down his back, can squash together to give him a compressed disc which causes him great pain. He is such a brilliant dog, and I am so worried about him Yours, Brenda



dear mike and Tina, I'm not sure you can help me but thank you for your time. my name is melody. I'm in pain and have so many areas that are being affected at the same time I can't even see to how I could explain what I "want" to happen most. I have no money, no roots, very little hope left. my children ,I have destroyed what childhood I was able to provide when I was a person. a person with a home, job, friends etc... please ,help me make the right choices for them if you have not the time for me. let the light shine from within.



Dear Loving souls, Please give distant healing for the following (1) P. Vara Lakshmi Age: 32 Years INDIA Illness: Severe Pain on right shoulder.( 2) Chidella Krishnaveni Age: 58 Years INDIA Illness: Body weakness due to BP . Thanking you Lovingly. piyush.

Name: C. Sreenivasa Rao Age: 38 Years New Delhi, INDIA

Condition: Throat Infection, Pain in throat while swallowing. Thanking you Lovingly. piyush.



Thank you for your note ,this time of year is very very hard on me .I miss my little boy so very much ,he was the light of my life and such a special child. I appreciate you thinking about me .Please if you can contact him ,tell him I love him so much and IM glad he was mine ,he was and is the love of my life forever and always. love Robs mummy Brenda .Please say a special prayer for my Robert and niece Ashley who was killed with him ,they are together in Heaven






Well Mike & Tina I hope you may have time too reply ? . Could you please Pray for Wilson and Liz Thorby (Robertson) so that our prayers be answered by the grace of Our Lord God. It is strange a few hundred years ago people were getting burnt too death for believing they could fly , look at us today ! we have been to the moon. One day we may all wake up. yours sincerely David Wilson. 19/09/98



I always feel sick but no one seems to know the cause or why. I may be allergic to some food or chemical, I usually have a thick catarrh which gets infected and I need to take too many antibiotics. I feel dull, spaced-out or depressed most of the time. I have been taking an anti-depressant for about 2 years; this give me more energy but my mind isn't clear. I could have chronic fatigue syndrome because I don't have much energy and never wake refreshed. Sometimes my legs feel like lead. I have interstitial cystitis; my bladder is continually sore and irritated and I burp and have heartburn and wind. I have never been really well but feel a change would be nice now at age 53 years. I believe in spiritualism. I have had previous help from a local circle which ended about 6 years ago; mainly herbal remedies from a nature spirit given through a trance medium. Mr. Tom Joehansen, I think, about 15 years ago gave me some healing when he was in Australia. I was good for about 4 months. He said I needed about 6 healings but he had to return to England. I do homeopathy for others as a hobby by dousing with a pendulum. I seem to be able to help them but not myself. Maybe you can help. Regards Wayne Soderberg



My Mom has multiple sclerosis. I want her to be healed. She is chronic progressive, and the one thing I would want to happen would be for her to be better. Thanks, Melissa

I have been in numerous car accidents. My shoulders, back, and neck all have a small amount of permanent damage. But the pain sometimes unbearable. I own a business and need to be able to work. The pain sometimes makes that hard. Can you help me? Thanks again, Melissa



I am a 34 year old woman that has severe fibromyalgia and Myofascial pain syndrome. I have been very sick since Jan 98' ( I tore the paraspinal muscles in my back, right side at work lifting my briefcase). I am getting worse. I lost my job recently because I don't know when I will be well enough to work again. I was very active before and worked-out with weights 5 days a week, doctors have not been able to help much except with medicine. I'm tired of taking so many pills!! I am hoping and praying God gets me to a healer that will help me. I am searching all over the world. I live in Massachusetts. I would be ever so grateful if you could heal me. Thank you for your time. Robin



My name is Christine. I have a problem that I don't know if you can help me with, but I thought I would give it a try. I have what I consider an eating disorder. Since I have been four years old I have only been eating foods such as grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, fried shrimp, chicken nuggets, cereal, cheese pizza, and on occasion will eat chicken noodle soup. This is my whole diet, and has been for almost 24years. I started this because while my grandmother babysat me when I was little she only gave me things that were quick and easy to make. Now I'm almost 28 years old and I still eat the same foods. The food controls me now. When I try , for example, to eat a little piece of an apple it takes me about ten minutes and I will start to gag or throw up. I know that at this point it is psychological, but I am unhealthy and overweight. No doctor seems to come up with a solution to this problem. I just want to eat normal. It would be nice to eat a salad or even one fruit or vegetable. Is there any way you can help me with my problem, Thank you for your time. Yours, Sincerely Christine


Hi, my name is Kim. I am writing you on behalf of my mother. She would be very open to a healing session I know and we both would have very positive thoughts of the healing helping her. Thank you Kim.



I would like to request a healing. My name is Amy Correale and I have a lump in the left side of my neck and pain in my left side. Thank you in advance.


Dear mike & Tina, I am sending a photo of my wives grandfather. he has a tumour on the base of his spine pushing on his bladder, please send healing through your spirit guides he lives in bolton. thank you Don



my mother in laws friend she lives in west Houghton, Lancaster England Katherine Shaw. condition cancer, thank you Don



Good afternoon Mike and Tina, I have to admit that I don't know much about 'the other side' and healing guides, but nevertheless I would be very glad if some help could be given as to my health. I have heart problems (fibrillation) and a blood pressure that is too high; besides edema is appearing on my legs because of my heart condition. Would you be so kind to consider healing for me? I was glad to read your WebPages, and I'll read them once again after sending you this humble request. Thank you very much for reading this. Yours faithfully, J. Drager, Amsterdam, Holland .



Please help my wife. She recently became paralyzed. She also suffered a nerve disease called RSD. She also has some type of skin disease on her hands. Thank you for your time. Love, Mike


Dear mike & tina, I seem to have developed a lump in my lower arm pit near my breast. can you help me please.Anne Marie



Prayer for Cynthia Rowell

Release from addictive behavior and present addictions. Letting go of the past pain and healing of her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual disorders. Courage and strength and the ability to move forward.



Person Requiring Healing: John Norris, city Virginia, Request healing for the following condition. Have had severe headaches for almost 4 years There are times when the pain is so bad I'm not able to concentrate



Hello, I would like for you to try to help me, My name is Mark Wilkins. I have ruptured disk in the lower back with extreme pain. Please help......!I live in the U.S.A


my son is 10 years old and has chronic renal failure. please put him on your healing list...thank you.



I am Lynn Ranslem and live in the USA I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, intractable migraines and hormone imbalances. I have had this for 17 years Also, Susan Kuhner, has awful arthritis in her neck. She just had double fusion on her neck but continues to have pain and awful arthritis and spurs. She also has some arthritis in her left shoulder. After the surgery on her neck 2 weeks ago, she developed a hernia in the groin area also. Her arthritis is getting worse and will only lead to constant pain. Please help us in whatever way you can. Thank you a million times. Lynn



I suffer from an arthritic jaw condition that has imposed numerous limitations on my life. Anyway this condition has done a number on the function of my mouth. Eating is something I dread anymore. and talking is my livelihood. You can only imagine how frustrating it is. Thanks so much. God Bless Robin


I'm 39, paralyzed from bad stroke and have muscular dystrophy.

please h e l p, NENA



Hello from the USA, My presenting conditions are Fibromyalgia and/or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Recently discovered lump in left breast...no diagnosis as of yet. Most of all a lonely soul that searches for the presence of truth and faith in my heart. I read so much of people who witness for the revelations in their heart. They faithfully profess of solid belief in "The other side" for which I have looked for all my life. I want this more than anything....to believe...to have that faith...To feel a presence....Love, Marsha


Rebekah and Anabelle Gould, To keep them together and safe from harm. and may the worries around them be short lived and peace and happier times lie ahead






Auntie Gwendolene Henderson suffers very badly from arthritis in her joints mostly hands and feet and hips and in pain all the time.

Uncle Harry Henderson suffers from prostate cancer, Inflammation of the arteries, Ulcers and is constantly in pain and has to be on steroids.







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