First I want you to sit down and make yourself comfortable. Now begin by opening your chakras. Once you have opened your chakras and have made sure the light is all around you.


I want you to go to your tree and sit down at your tree and rest your back against the tree. Also see if your tree has changed since the first time you visited it.


For the next 5 minutes just relax and listen to the sounds that you can hear and the fragrances and colour of the plants and foliage you can see.


Now I would like you to stand up and take a look around. You should see a path of some sort. Also you can hear the sound of water. I want you to head in the direction from where the water is coming from.

When you get to where the water is, you should see a lake with a waterfall. I want you to go for a swim and just

Now take a look around to see what is in the cave, also is there anybody else there? If there is, go over to them and sit with them there is nothing to be afraid of.


When you have done this, I want you to go back out of the cave to the waterfall. Now think of your tree and you will be back there.And now it is time to come back through a wall or tunnel of Spiritual fire. a Spiritual  fire is a cold blue flame which will cleanse you. Moving your fingers and toes as you do so very slowly.


Now do not forget to close your 5 chakras and make sure the light is all around you.

If at any time you do not feel safe in a meditation, all you have to do is think of  your tree and you will automatically be back there.


We hope you enjoy this first of many basic meditations. Please give us some feed back on your progress so we can help you.



When you are ready I want you to stand under the waterfall and enjoy the feeling of that clear refreshing mountain water running all over your body.

After a few minutes, look through the waterfall, you should see a cave. I want you to walk through the waterfall and enter the cave.


The cave is quite light inside, as you enter the cave you can see a table. There should be something on the table. I want you to go and pick up whatever it is on the table and put it in your pocket 


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