Death as we know it in our human form is where somebody we love dearly is gone from our lives and we feel we will never see them again. This is a time of great sadness and loneliness and changes in every direction of our lives; also the memories of the past, the happy times and the hard times, times of sadness and of joy.


Before death greets us, our loved ones who were close to us in life and who are in spirit now gather around us to bring calmness and peace to show us the way to the light. So begins our journey to a new and wonderful life.


You see the only thing that dies is the body itself, the shell that protects our soul or spirit. Once the body is dead the soul or spirit is released and so our journey begins. We are reborn to start a new life, a life so different from the life we had here on the earth plain.


We are free to progress further along the path of truth and knowledge, to begin a new life, without suffering or pain, and we are never far away from our loved ones on the earth plain. We know your thoughts and problems and hear your prayers and try to help as much as we can.


We are sometimes so close to you that we are touching each other. You feel our presence and know that we are alright, and the love is still as strong as it was when we were here on the earth plain together. Nothing on earth or in heaven can change that.

 It will last for all eternity, and when your time comes to join us we will be there for you.

Until then we become part of the great eternal spirit, the creator of all things beautiful.



In the first part of the philosophy from spirit we wrote about what happens when we die, whether it be a death by natural causes, accident, or death by murder.


Suicide is different because a decision has been made to end a life - for whatever reason this may be it does not matter.

At the time we are contemplating suicide our thoughts and emotions are unbalanced, we are not thinking straight, our thoughts are mainly to do with ourselves and the situations around us. We do not think about people close to us.


We don't feel we are doing anything wrong at the time. All we see and think about are the problems around us. Our problems grow out of all proportion and people close to us do their best to understand us. But no matter what help they give we feel they are not listening. They are only looking at things from their point of view.


When we depart from this world we enter another world where people greet us with open arms. Suddenly we can feel all the emotions and pain our friends and family are feeling at the time they discover us.


When we enter the spirit world we are taken to a place to recover and rest. We are in a state of shock at the time and we don't realize what has happened.


When we are fully recovered we are taken to a new life, to strange and wonderful places, to play and run among the wild flowers, to hear birds singing and children laughing, to be able to stretch our arms and breathe in that fresh air, to feel the breeze on our face once again.


But sometimes we can still feel the pain our family and friends are going through and we begin to feel sad again. All we want is for our family and friends to be happy and enjoy life again.


We do come back in to the earth plain just to see how things are for our nearest and dearest, we know how much you miss us, and we know one day we will meet again. So, until then, please don't be sad, because if you are unhappy then we are also unhappy.




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