Absent Healing is amazing, as are the results with different forms of Natural Healing. Those receiving Absent Healing are many times more amazed.With Contact Healing there is the human link of the Healer and the patient.

With Absent Healing, there is only the intangible medium of thought. To explain briefly, Absent Healing is directed by the healer on behalf of someone at a distance. Generally the person is someone the healer has never seen, as the patient may be on the other side of the world. Distance is immaterial.


There are many different styles of healing, working with people from the other side and different dimensions, and the healing comes from them - not from me.There is no promise of a cure or a miracle. It does, however, relieve pain and brings calmness. Having said that I have had good results with the type of healing I do.



Here a new factor enters the field of conjecture, a factor that totally destroys the argument that natural healing is the result of self will power or faith healing.This factor is the introduction of a third party when a relative or friend applies for help on behalf of a patient.

The necessity of a third party is facilitated by the patient being too weak to write, or being kept ignorant of the disease, or having no knowledge of Natural healing, or it may be that the patient or family are opposed to anything connected with Natural healing. (this applies to certain religious beliefs).


In these circumstances there is no direct contact between the patient and the Healer. A simpler set of circumstances applies when help is requested for the mentally unbalanced. In these cases the patient is unaware of the healing effort and when success follows this rules out the self will theory.

  • Distant Healing
The only difference between Absent Healing & Distant Healing.  Is the patient who receives distant healing has requested, or knows they are receiving the healing themselves.


When I begin healing, healers from another world come around to help me with the healing that has to be done. They come and they do the healing that is necessary.


Over the many years I have been healing, I have helped many people with their illness. You cannot guarantee a cure like I said before, but you can help people and you can relieve pain. I have been healing now for quite a few years, healing children as well as adults, also animals of all descriptions through absent and distant healing.

"but mainly Horses, Lizards, Cats, Dogs, Birds,


The healing that comes from the people on the other side is a strange sort of  healing and it comes in many different forms and different ways, and we guess each healer from the other side who comes back works differently with each healer they come to help.

Because, as healers, we can only understand what is logical to us so they show us the way it is done in a way that is easiest for us to understand.


I feel this is the correct way to do both Absent & Distant Healing.


As with other forms of Natural Healing, there is no set procedure for Absent & Distant Healing. The application can be made either orally or in writing. When the healer receives the request he sends forth the thought force that help may be given to the patient

This thought emission is generally given at a time when the Healer can sit (either by himself or with friends) in seclusion and silence. He then divorces from his mind all considerations of a worldly nature and tunes in to the Natural Healing Realm or his own personal Guide.


The ease and ability of the healer to tune in or surrender his mind to that of  his Guides depends on his or her knowledge and closeness to the other World.


Absent & Distant Healing is a natural gift and there is no limit to the nature of diseases which can be helped.


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