Mike-Ireland Psychic Clairvoyant & Reiki Master




   The Healing Mike can do includes but are not limited to: Reiki, shamanic healing, Stone healing and crystal healing. These  types of healings 


 £15 per session


Animal healing  Donation only


  •  Reiki Healing: A popular type of healing using universal energy ‘reiki’ channeled through the healer to the patient. I use the Usui method of healing passed down Usui’s lineage.


  • Animal Healing: Reiki Healing can help with all sorts of Ailments both Physical and Emotional. Just like humans animals can suffer from Stress, Nervousness, highly strung, Behavior Problems.Also all types of Physical problems including Heart problems, Liver and Kidney problems Arthritis. These are just some of the Ailments that can be treated with Reiki  Healing ,


  • Crystal Healing: Healing using attunement to the subtle energies of certain crystals can be used for all physical or emotional conditions. We can also recommend crystals to carry with you so that the healing can continue afterwards.


  • Stone Healing: Different from crystal healing in that certain arrangements of rocks around the body are used to ground negative energies that build up in our lives.


  • Chakra Healing: Balancing or opening of the body’s central meridian points as taught by eastern mystics for many centuries, works using the same systems as acupuncture, reflexology etc.


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